Some Commentary on the Amanda Knox “memoir”

You’ve probably seen her face in the news at some point over the past few years, but you may be wondering – who is Amanda Knox? A sex-crazed American student turned murderer? An innocent girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time? A crazy jealous roommate? Or the girl who killed her daughter and got away with it?

Well after reading the first 153 pages of her book – Amanda Knox, Waiting to Be Heard, A Memoir – I have come to the conclusion that she was none of the above.  And definitely not the last one because that’s Casey Anthony. Completely different case, but somehow it’s very easy to get these girls confused. So after the first 153 pages I’m pretty sure she’s not guilty at all, but her parents might want to tell her to chill with the habitual weed smoking.  I was a college student once and I get it – but if she hadn’t gotten so damn stoned that she couldn’t even remember if she went home on the night of her roommate’s murder, she could have saved herself a lot of trouble.

Also, she talks about her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and how their relationship began… And how he was so caring and gentle they would shower together and he would wash her, and dry her like a little puppy, and even clean her ears with a Q-tip… Don’t get me wrong a like a sexy shower with my man just as much as the next girl, but unless I’m a paraplegic I don’t want my boyfriend drying me off or sticking things in my ears. 

Lastly, Amanda talks about how she contracts oral herpes from one of her first “casual sex experiences.” If by chance she actually was guilty of murdering her roommate, all I have to say is karma.  


Keep’em in Stitches Facebook Goes Live


One of my first freelance customers, Keep’em in Stitches features hand knit blankets, accessories, personalized kitchen towel sets and much more. After a week of photos, editing and getting creative – the Facebook page is finally live!

Keep'em in Stitches - New Cover Photo

Keep’em in Stitches – New Cover Photo