Ways to Create Meaningful Social Media Content

What makes great content for your company’s Facebook page or other social media channels? One of the best ways to engage your audience is to show them your personality!  Customers want to work with a local business they can relate to and feel good about doing business with.

One of the easiest ways to create content that shows more than just the professional side of your business is to feature “behind the scenes” photos.  Regardless of your industry, people love to see what your company is like behind the façade of your organized website or beautiful store front.  They want to see what kind of employees work for you, what your company does to support the community, and what goes into creating your product or service.

When I worked for the iconic American hat company, Bollman Hats, we used Instagram to feature behind the scenes photos from the hat-making process.  Customers loved seeing how the stylish hats we manufactured went from raw wool to finished product.  Our photos showed hats going through the various phases of manufacturing and customers could see the dedicated employees who molded, felted and blocked each hat.  Making a connection like this shows customers that your company is not just a brand, a familiar face or a radio jingle, but a group of hard working individuals that they can relate to.

Another way to create meaningful social media content is to participate in local community events.  Businesses are often asked to sponsor local charity events, school organizations, golf outings, etc.  When your company agrees to sponsor one of these events you are often given the chance to advertise on the event website, create a take-away or flier to be given to event participants or better yet – sign up a team of your employees to directly participate in the event or volunteer at the event.  If you’re able to participate at the event the photo opportunities are countless.  Snap a shot of one of your carpenters helping a toddler at a children’s charity event or your business owner crossing the finish line at a charity run.  These photos are great for social media, website content and more.  They also encourage engagement from your fans and followers because people love to “like” a photo that features someone they know or an event they also attended.

ReBath & More recently sponsored and participated in The Junior League of Lancaster County’s Annual Run 4 Luck.  We were featured on the event website and were able to print fliers that went into every goodie bag – and there were over 800!  We took tons of photos during the event and were sure to wear our ReBath tee-shirts for the day.  The photos from this event made for one of our most liked Facebook posts in the month of March and the exposure we received was fantastic for business.

Not only did we feel great about sponsoring a worthy cause, but by doing so our customers are able to feel good about supporting our business and that’s the key to creating meaningful content. 

PicMonkey Collage

Run 4 Luck Flier

Flier for Goodie Bags – Front

Run 4 Luck Flier 2

Flier for Goodie Bags – Back