How Do You Plan to Shop for the Holidays?

I’ve been blogging for one of my clients and thought this article was helpful for those still debating whether to shop online or in-store this holiday season.  My client, Good Buys All the Time, is an online retailer so I wanted to talk about the convenience of online shopping, but I didn’t want to sound one sided.  I put together a well researched list of pros and cons and decided to let readers decide for themselves.  There are definitely some items that I know I personally cannot shop for online – things like jeans or pants that I need to fit on first.  But I have had success ordering items like books, jewelry and electronics online.  How do you plan to shop on Black Friday?


With the holidays approaching we face the great debate of online or in-store. Do you stand in line for Black Friday savings or wait until Cyber Monday to cash in on all of the great deals? If you’re brave enough to face the crowds, you’re sure to nab some holiday deals at the big-box stores, but is it worth the chaos? From my experience, shopping online offers the convenience and safety I prefer.  But if you’re still weighing the pros and cons, here are some things to consider.

Shopping Online vs. Shopping In-Store

  • When you shop in-store you are forced to deal with crowds of people and long check-out lines.
  • When you shop online you can avoid the crowds and check-out is just a few clicks away.
  • When you shop in-store you can see the product and get a better idea of its value, durability and size.
  • When you shop online you must rely on product descriptions and customer reviews.
  • When you shop in-store you may wait in line for hours, just to find out the store has sold-out of your big ticket item.
  • When you shop online you know right away if a product is available and can select from various shipping options to determine how soon you’ll receive it.
  • When you shop in-store for clothing, shoes and accessories, know that the store has limited quantities of select colors and sizes.
  • When you shop online there’s a better chance you’ll find the colors and sizes you need, without having to search.
  • When you shop in-store it’s easy to exchange and return items… Not always the case. They may send you to the customer service desk for exchanges and returns where you’ll likely join a long line of other disgruntled customers.
  • When you shop online it’s difficult to exchange and return items… Not always the case.  Most products come with simple step by step directions should you need to return or exchange, and some sellers will even pay the return shipping!
  • When you shop in-store you can save money with coupons and in-store specials.
  • When you shop online you can save money with coupon codes and online specials.

In the end, it comes down to what works for you.  If you plan to do all of your Christmas shopping at the last minute, going to a store may be your best bet; but if you plan to start your shopping on Black Friday, why not avoid the crowds and shop online? You’ll receive your products in plenty of time for Christmas and have time for returns and exchanges if necessary.  Less time spent waiting in lines means more time for family, baking cookies and decorating the tree!

At Good Buys All the Time, customer service is our number one priority.  We’ll make sure you get your products on time and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll make things right.  We offer a large variety of Burts Bees products, Disney Frozen accessories, TMNT themed items for kids and more.  You can even save on everyday items like cold medicine, toothpaste and home decor. Stop by today and browse our selection – and good luck this holiday season whether you shop in-store or online!