Boost Your Brand with a Facebook Giveaway

December Newsletter

A giveaway is one of the best ways to increase Facebook engagement and brand awareness. Everyone loves a freebie and what better way to advertise than with photos of a happy giveaway winner enjoying their new products!

You don’t have to set up your giveaway with a fancy app or add-on. With less than 1000 Facebook fans or page “likes” a simple wall post is all you need.  Make sure your product photos are high quality so people can see what’s up for grabs, then think of a call to action – something you want people to do in order to be entered for a chance to win. Maybe you want them to “like” the post, or maybe your goal is to increase engagement so you want them to “comment” for a chance to win.  Get creative! Is it a holiday themed giveaway? A great call to action might look like this:  “Like this post and comment with your favorite Christmas song for a chance to win!” To keep things fair, add all of the “likes” and “comments” to a simple excel spread sheet and use a random sort method to choose a winner.  Apps like PageYourself will do this for you, but until you are dealing with hundreds of entries, stick to a self managed wall post.

When you’ve chosen a winner, make an announcement with another Facebook wall post and ask the winner to inbox you with their contact information so you can send them their prize. This is a great way to create dialogue with a potential customer. Respond quickly and thank them for their participation. Send the prize out in a timely fashion and package it with care.  Giveaway winners are potential future customers and great referral sources. If they love your product, you can bet that after their positive experience with you and your business they may place an order of their own or send a friend your way. Also, be sure to ask them to post a photo wearing or using their prize so you can share it on your social media channels.

So you’ve run a successful giveaway but you were disappointed in the level of participation.  This happens. Sometimes Facebook posts get “buried” in the newsfeed, but there is a simple way to combat this for next time – promote or “boost” your post for just $5. Facebook has tons of affordable options for running ads and promotions and for just $5 you can increase your giveaway participation ten-fold. Giveaways are great ways to reward your fans and followers so if you promote your post be sure to promote it to those people who already “like” your page. People who “like” your page are also more inclined to participate and “share” your post with their own friends. You’ll be amazed at the increase a small investment can make!



Q. How long should my giveaway run from start to finish? 
A.  People lose interest quickly and your giveaway post will not be at the top of people’s newsfeeds for more than a day so keep things quick. 1-2 days is all you need to announce the giveaway, provide a call to action and announce a winner.
Q. How much should I spend if I want to reach more of my fans and increase engagement?
A. No more than $5 – you’re already giving something away for free so save your cash. You’ll be surprised at what $5 can do.
Q. What items or products are best for giveaways? 
A. You don’t want to do a giveaway to get rid of old inventory or items that never sold – they probably never sold for a reason. You also don’t want to lose a lot of money. Choose something new, something fun or something seasonal that people will want to use or wear right away.