Not Too Shabby – My First Amateur Photography Attempts

I’ve always loved taking product photos for my clients but recently I began practicing my photography skills on just about anyone that will allow me to take their picture. My sister asked me to take some baby pictures of my nephew, Clark, so I of course agreed. Not only do I love babies but I was excited for the chance to practice my shooting and editing skills. Now I know I’m far from being an expert, but I was really happy with how the pictures turned out so I thought I’d share my favorites. I’ve found a local printer but I would love to know from the other amateur photographers out there, who do you use for your printing services? I know there’s a lot of big names out there but I was skeptical of ordering a bunch of prints online and I want to get my sister the best deal possible. I’d love your feedback!

~ Rachel

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2015-07-07 17.48.26

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Product Photos 101

Taking product photos can be tough.  No matter how cool your products are, how nice the colors look, or how great the quality is, it can be hard to capture all of that in one photo.  As Keep’em in Stitches continues to grow, I’m constantly taking pictures and working on new ways to capture the craftsmanship, the rich colors, the textures and overall adorableness of Jean’s knitted products.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is LIGHTING.  No matter how great something looks to you, if the lighting isn’t right your photo will not capture that greatness.  I try to take all of my photos in natural light so I don’t need to worry about shadows, glares, dullness, or timing my camera flash.  In fact, taking photos outdoors almost eliminates the need for flash and product shots turn out just the way I want them to.

The other things I’ve learned is CONSISTENCY.  When you’re taking a bunch of pictures of the same product but in different colors or patterns it’s important to stay consistent. You want people to see that the products are made the same way, highlighting the only change to the product which is the color or pattern.

One of the last things I’ve learned is to make sure the camera is fully charged before beginning a shoot!  Nothing is worse than taking great photos and then losing power and having to charge your camera.  In the time it takes to charge you can lose your lighting (if you’re shooting outdoors) and your motivation.  This is a mistake I definitely didn’t make twice.

The best advice I have for any beginners is to practice! I’m still practicing and when shooting new products, textures and patterns it’s important to play around with different settings to see what makes for the best photo.



Consistency is Key

Consistency is Key – Keep’em in Stitches has 28 different baby burp cloths to choose from so it was super important to keep it simple and consistent, showing off the variety of colors and patterns available.


Natural light made this baby boy gift basket look absolutely adorable, capturing all of the amazing colors and textures!

Natural light made this baby boy gift basket look absolutely adorable, capturing all of the amazing colors and textures!  Working outdoors I found a perfect backdrop and the fence provided a classic, rustic feel.