7 Skills Awesome Social Media Manager’s Have Mastered

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Lots of small businesses use someone in-house for their social media needs and it turns into a “blind leading the blind” scenario.  Just because the girl at the front desk has the newest iPhone, does not mean she can take great pictures or post engaging content. There’s nothing wrong with using someone in-house to manage your company’s social media pages, but before you ask someone to do it, there are some things you should consider. An awesome social media manager will possess each of these skills and know how to truly engage your target audience which is the goal of social media. So before assigning the task to someone in-house, ask yourself these questions or make this checklist a part of your hiring plan:

  1. Does your potential social media manager understand your business and know how to use a consist “voice” when it comes to posting content? Is their “voice” appropriate for your company and your target audience?
  2. Does this person have excellent writing skills? You want to make sure anything you’re posting on social media is an example of your best work. Typos and grammatical errors are simply unacceptable from someone that is acting as the “voice” of your company.
  3. Is this person knowledgeable of industry trends, pop culture, local events and holidays? You want your social media manager to relate to your target audience – they might be an expert in your business but if they can’t make a connection between what your business does and what consumers want to hear about you’re in trouble. Your social media manager doesn’t have to be young, but someone who’s well connected and knows how to use trending topics is a must.
  4. Does your potential social media manager have a new smart phone that’s capable of taking great photos? If not, consider supplying this. Photos are essential for social media and you need to make sure the person you’re entrusting your social media with knows how to take good pictures. Again, anything you’re posting online is a reflection of your company. Make sure the person who’s posting is capable of posting top-notch photos.
  5. Does this person know how to use apps like PicMonkey or Canva for creating social media graphics? If the answer is no, you’re dealing with an amateur. Sit down and review the apps together and get a better idea of your potential smm’s capabilities. Do they have an eye for detail? Are they able to create visually appealing graphics, headers etc?
  6. Is this person good at managing their time? Do they know how to schedule posts ahead of time? Social media can become a distraction if it’s not managed wisely. You want to make sure your smm is capable of scheduling posts ahead of time and staying productive. You also want to be sure this person will be attentive and quick to respond to comments and messages when necessary.
  7. Does this person have any experience with social media ads? Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all offer affordable ways to advertise and promote events. If you want to take advantage of ads make sure your smm knows how to run a successful campaign – or is willing to learn. There’s nothing wrong with learning as you go, but makes sure whoever you’ve trusted with your social media is honest enough to admit when they need help or additional training. There are countless tutorials and webinars that can help you learn about ads, graphics and other features. Another way to learn is to follow social media blogs that share tips, best practices and more!

If you don’t feel confident using someone in-house for your social media you’re not alone. Many businesses these days are hiring marketing firms to manage their social media for them, but some come at a steep price. If price is an issue, look for a freelancer or someone that’s just starting out in the marketing business. If you’d like more information or pricing info for HighleyDesigned Marketing & Creative, I’m happy to set up a FREE 20 minute consultation. Use the contact form on my “About” page.


What To Look For Before Hiring a Social Media or Web Design Company

Don't be afraid to take a closer look!

Don’t be afraid to take a closer look!

Lots of people claim to be web designers or social media experts nowadays, but before you decide on a company to create your website or handle your FB business page there’s a few things you should look for. Remember, a cheap but poorly designed website will cost you more in the long run than making a solid investment on a well designed, mobile friendly site upfront.

With website builders like DudaOne, Wix and Weebly, there’s no excuse for an outdated looking website these days. Make sure the person you’re working with is experienced, knowledgeable and has an eye for design. Last but not least, make sure your web designer or social media guru knows how to write. Many web designers use copy writers which is a sign they know what they’re good at… and what they’re not.

Here are the three key things to look for when hiring a virtual assistant or web design / social media company:

1. Check out their work – if you don’t like the websites they’ve designed already, they probably aren’t the best fit for your business.
2. Review their copy writing – typos and grammatical errors should be a red flag.
3. Ask for references – if the individual or company does good work they should be able to provide you with a list of happy customers to talk to.

If you don’t feel 100% confident in your web designer or “virtual assistant,” chances are you should go with your gut. Your FB business page is the voice of your company and your website is a reflection of your business so you don’t want to put anything out there that isn’t your best.


Keep Them Coming Back

go the extra mile

Simple ways to create repeat customers

For small businesses, repeat customers are key. Without a major marketing budget, repeat customers are the best way to generate word of mouth referrals and reach new potential customers.

Whether you run an online business or operate a local storefront, customer service can only get you so far. Nowadays customers expect more than just a friendly face or professional ordering experience – it’s the little things that make the difference.

Here are some simple ways to create a stand out customer experience that’s sure to keep people coming back:

  • Be quick to respond. If someone calls your business for a quote or sends you a message via your online storefront or web contact form, be sure to reply asap. Chances are, if they’ve called or messaged you for information, they may have called or messaged someone else. Be the first to reply, even if you don’t have an answer – let the potential customer know that you got their message and you’re happy to get them more information. Remember that each of these interactions is like a first impression and you want to make a good one.
  • Provide some incentive. Show your customers that you value their loyalty and provide a coupon for their next order or date of service. Whether that’s a physical flier or an online coupon code they receive via email, give them a reason to shop with you again or call you the next time they need your services. (This is also a great way to ask people to like you one Facebook!)
  • Make it personal. Have you ever gone out to eat and noticed your waiter or waitress added a little thank-you note or smiley face to your check? When the service is great, that little extra something is the difference between leaving a five and two singles or a ten dollar bill. Add that “something extra” to your customer’s experience. If they place an online order, add a thank-you note to their package or include a personal message with their automated shipping confirmation.
  • Show that their opinion matters. Show your customers you care about their experience. Ask them to write you a review via your storefront or your business’ Yelp page. Not only are online reviews great for your business, they show your customers you value their input. If you’re on Angie’s List or Google+, customers can also write you reviews there!

When you go the extra mile for your customers, they’ll go the extra mile for your business. People are more likely to tell people about their experiences when they’re a.really really bad (“omg – Never shop at XYZ, they were awful…”) or b. really really great (“Wow! You’ll never believe they even gave me a coupon for next time!). Unfortunately, statistics show that middle of the road experiences just don’t cut it, so try some of these easy ideas today and keep your customers coming back for good.

~ Rachel