Letter to the Editor

Sometimes you just have to voice your opinion about things.  It’s important to pick and choose your battles, but when you know you have a valid point – do something and make a difference.  After weeks of dealing with noise complaints, destruction of property and disrespectful college students I decided to write this article to the Lancaster New Era.  My goal is to reach the right people who have the ability to effect change –  whether it’s the college, the local police or the students themselves.  The people here in town deserve better.  There’s an elderly woman who lives next door to me and she doesn’t have the courage to tell these kids to stay off of her property, but I’m tired of seeing her flower bed littered with red solo cups and beer cans.  It’s time someone speaks up.

Local Residents Deserve Better from F&M

Attention:  Editor, Lancaster New Era,

For most people in the city, back to school means kids on the playground again, crossing guards at the corner and laughter in the street as children walk to school in the mornings.  As a resident of West Frederick Street, however, back to school means belligerent F&M students cursing and carrying on in the street between 11pm and 4am every Friday and Saturday night; destruction of property as these students stumble back to campus late at night, overturning planters and tearing down tree branches; and the tell-tale trail of red solo cups and beer cans that lead from the College Hill Apartments back to F&M College.

As a former college student myself, I can understand the allure of the college party scene, but I can’t understand the despicable behavior I’ve observed as a Lancaster City homeowner.  I’ve seen students walk through the fresh cement outside of my home after stealing the orange cones barricading the area. I’ve seen students tossing solo cups and other garbage into my neighbor’s flower beds.  And I’ve been woken up countless times by students arguing and cursing in the street beneath my bedroom window.  It seems no matter how many noise complaints are made, the students at F&M face no consequence for their actions.

I don’t know if these students are too drunk to realize that West Frederick Street is a residential section of the city and not an extension of their college campus, or if they simply don’t care.  What I know is that the hard working individuals, the mothers of young children and the elderly couples living on my street deserve better from F&M College.  A noise complaint should be taken seriously and the call should be answered by the city police, not the college security team.  Students need to learn that when they are off campus they are responsible for their actions and underage drinking, public urination and destruction of property are punishable by law.

I would expect a college that holds its students to such high academic standards demand the same upstanding behavior outside of the classroom as well.




Rachel Highley