Facebook Ads for Beginners

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A lot of my clients ask me about Facebook ads. What do I recommend, are they worthwhile, how do they work? I definitely see a value in running Facebook ads, so I recently broke things down for a client of mine who has little experience with social media.

Boosting a Post v. Page Promotion

Boosting a post is a great way to get more people to see that specific post and when it features a link to your store, it’s a great way to get more clicks to your website. Another great way to increase your page views and let people know about your store is with a page promotion. A page promotion is just that. You select your audience and Facebook will serve your add to those people with a photo and a button that says, “like page.” The more people like your page, the more people yours posts will reach organically.

Local Awareness Campaigns

Another type of promotion that’s great if you’re hosting an event or if you have a physical store, is a local awareness campaign. This type of promotion targets only people in a specified mile radius of your location. You can even make it specific so it will only be served to people who have recently purchased similar items or looked for the type of service you provide. For example my husband’s family has a business, they do septic pumping. Local awareness ads are great for them because people don’t always know a septic company off hand. If they need one, they’ve probably Google searched one recently and Facebook can use that information to target them. For this type of ad to be effective, you need to know your audience. If you’re in retail think about the kind of shoppers who frequent your store. If you’re a service provider think about the people who need your services. For the septic business, a great filter is homeownership. I target people who are homeowners or first time home buyers. It’s also important to think about age. Don’t waste money advertising to people who are 18-25 if your store sells products for parents of school aged children, or your clients are generally affluent adults. There will always be outliers, but try to target your stereotypical client or customer.

What Kind of Ad Should I Run?

If you’re having a sale or a promotion, a great way to reach more people is to boost the post that has the sale info etc. Another option is to create a special paid promotion via Facebook. I haven’t had as much success with this – I think boosting a post is more effective.

How Much Should I Spend?

As for pricing – I have a lot of experience with ads and I’ve always had best results when I spend a small amount each day, but run the ad for more days. For example, a $5 budget per day for 10 days will perform better than a $10 budget per day for 5 days. Both will equal $50 total, but when it comes to daily budget – less is more.

I hope this is helpful!

~ Rachel

Boost Your Brand with a Facebook Giveaway

December Newsletter

A giveaway is one of the best ways to increase Facebook engagement and brand awareness. Everyone loves a freebie and what better way to advertise than with photos of a happy giveaway winner enjoying their new products!

You don’t have to set up your giveaway with a fancy app or add-on. With less than 1000 Facebook fans or page “likes” a simple wall post is all you need.  Make sure your product photos are high quality so people can see what’s up for grabs, then think of a call to action – something you want people to do in order to be entered for a chance to win. Maybe you want them to “like” the post, or maybe your goal is to increase engagement so you want them to “comment” for a chance to win.  Get creative! Is it a holiday themed giveaway? A great call to action might look like this:  “Like this post and comment with your favorite Christmas song for a chance to win!” To keep things fair, add all of the “likes” and “comments” to a simple excel spread sheet and use a random sort method to choose a winner.  Apps like PageYourself will do this for you, but until you are dealing with hundreds of entries, stick to a self managed wall post.

When you’ve chosen a winner, make an announcement with another Facebook wall post and ask the winner to inbox you with their contact information so you can send them their prize. This is a great way to create dialogue with a potential customer. Respond quickly and thank them for their participation. Send the prize out in a timely fashion and package it with care.  Giveaway winners are potential future customers and great referral sources. If they love your product, you can bet that after their positive experience with you and your business they may place an order of their own or send a friend your way. Also, be sure to ask them to post a photo wearing or using their prize so you can share it on your social media channels.

So you’ve run a successful giveaway but you were disappointed in the level of participation.  This happens. Sometimes Facebook posts get “buried” in the newsfeed, but there is a simple way to combat this for next time – promote or “boost” your post for just $5. Facebook has tons of affordable options for running ads and promotions and for just $5 you can increase your giveaway participation ten-fold. Giveaways are great ways to reward your fans and followers so if you promote your post be sure to promote it to those people who already “like” your page. People who “like” your page are also more inclined to participate and “share” your post with their own friends. You’ll be amazed at the increase a small investment can make!



Q. How long should my giveaway run from start to finish? 
A.  People lose interest quickly and your giveaway post will not be at the top of people’s newsfeeds for more than a day so keep things quick. 1-2 days is all you need to announce the giveaway, provide a call to action and announce a winner.
Q. How much should I spend if I want to reach more of my fans and increase engagement?
A. No more than $5 – you’re already giving something away for free so save your cash. You’ll be surprised at what $5 can do.
Q. What items or products are best for giveaways? 
A. You don’t want to do a giveaway to get rid of old inventory or items that never sold – they probably never sold for a reason. You also don’t want to lose a lot of money. Choose something new, something fun or something seasonal that people will want to use or wear right away.


Promote an Event with Social Media

Hosting a business mixer, charity event or major retail sale?  Radio and print advertisements are great, but if your business is on a budget, be sure to consider the advantages of social media.

Because social media is free, you can begin promoting your event long before a small budget would allow for promotion on radio or TV.  Start a countdown and build anticipation with posts that offer a sneak peak of what’s to come or provide incentive for people to visit your website for more information.  Not only will people check back to see what’s happening on your Facebook page, but providing incentive to visit your website for more information can boost web traffic leading up to the event.

Provide information and photos on your company blog so that customers and fans can find all event details in one place and easily share the information with others.  Is registration required or do you plan to offer a special discount to the first 100 customers?  Include a link to the registration forms on your blog or create a Facebook-Only coupon to increase page likes and engagement leading up to the event.  The goal is to spread the word about the event and create a call to action that will get consumers to follow through and attend/vote/purchase an item on the day of your event.

If you spend weeks promoting a special event, be sure to post follow up photos and to thank your fans and followers for their support.  If someone has seen updates about your charity drive in their Facebook newsfeed for weeks, they are going to be disappointed if they never see photos from the charity event itself.  Make sure people see what their time/money/efforts have contributed to.

ReBath and More supports Schreiber Pediatric’s Rubber Ducky Race and Festival each summer, so I recently began promoting the event via the company Facebook page.  Closer to the event we have a TV segment planned and Schreiber has representatives on local radio stations throughout the month of July leading up to the even on July 27.  With Facebook I’m able to encourage people to buy ducks for the race, tell them about the event and what it supports and spread the word about the festival and ducky race.  By selling ducks on site we are able to increase traffic to our showroom and demonstrate our commitment to community.

Whether your event is large or small, social media can add tremendous value to a limited advertising budget, helping you reach a larger audience and generate a greater turnout/increased sales. Not only does an event give people a reason to visit your business on social media but it can drive traffic to your website and provide valuable content for your company blog and other web pages. See how HighleyDesigned helped ReBath and More promote the Schreiber Pediatric Rubber Ducky Race and Fesitval by visiting the company blog or checking them out on Facebook.

Below is one of the fliers I created to promote the event throughout the shopping center where ReBath is located.  I asked the other local businesses to send people our way to purchase ducks for charity, ultimately supporting a good cause and increasing our business at the same time.

Event Flier

Event Flier for Local Marketing